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Our Money Budget Planner Calculator will enable you to calculate the approximate monthly repayments of your finance loan.

Our quick and simple calculator makes it easy for you to estimate your monthly repayments.

You can also use our calculator to estimate the effect on your loan of making regular accelerated payments or even a one-off payment if you are expecting a bonus or capital gain.

The calculator should only be used as an aid to establishing an approximate budget for your loan: for an accurate figure contact us and we can help with the process.

Remember, there are two significant limitations to using any online loan calculator:

Your financial profile is unique and, depending on your actual financial profile, the calculator may not be a good guide to what is possible in your specific case.

The loan calculator can only give an indication of the overall profile of your loan and it does not guarantee that you would be able to qualify for a loan.

Simply enter the amount, the term, the interest rate, your intended loan start date and the calculator will do the rest – automatically.

If you include your e-mail address the full loan report details will be sent automatically to your e-mail address.

Step 1: Enter Loan Amount

In this field you should enter the amount of the loan you would like.

Step 2: Enter Mortgage Term

In this field you should include the length, in years or months, of your desired loan term.

Step 3: Enter Interest Rate

In this field you should include the estimated interest rate the bank will charge for your loan.

Step 4: Enter Extra Payments

This won’t affect the loan calculation of your monthly payments so you can leave it at the default rate of €0 unless you are using the loan calculator for budgeting purposes.

If you are using our calculator to finalise your budget you may find it useful to use the extra payments fields.

Early Repayments – Many people plan on making at least one early repayment on their loan, for example, once they have sold a property or have received a one-off lump sum. Our calculator allows you to enter the details of any planned substantial early repayment as well as any accelerated repayments.