Farm Finance Solutions offers a range of services to meet the needs of farmers and farm professionals. Find out more about what we can do for you.

We prepare detailed farm business plans/credit applications to a standard required by the Banks Credit Departments. We conduct a farm visit and will work with your accountant and advisor to produce a comprehensive report on your farm business so as to enhance the chances of a successful outcome. Having a detailed and clear understanding of your business makes the loan decision easier for the Bank.


Cashflow management can be a problem on many farms particularly during periods of low prices for Agricultural commodities. Our Farm Finance Review service will identify if there are structural problems with farm debt that are resulting in recurring cash flow problems on your farm. We can also prepare cashflow projections for your Bank as part of the loan application process. We can work with your accountant to provide a cashflow monitoring service backed up by a number of farm visits if required.


Farm Finance Solutions can conduct a full review of all your farm and personal financial commitments and sources of income. This service is particularly relevant if you are having some difficulty in managing farm cashflows or if you are planning a major farm expenditure in the near future. In our experience farm cashflow difficulties can often result from poorly structured farm finances and an over reliance on farm cashflow to fund long-term development works. The Farm Finance Review will recommend an alternative debt structure if appropriate and will prepare a report for your Bank(s) requesting and supporting the case for a debt restructure if required. The review can also examine your credit history by accessing your Irish Credit Bureau report. Similarly the up to date security status of all your lands can be clarified if required via the Land Registry Database. The review will also examine issues such as life cover and pension provision and will flag any deficiencies in these areas that have the potential to cause future problems if not addressed now. Having your finances correctly structured puts control back in your hands, improves your credit rating and leaves you in a better position to obtain future funding if required.


Opportunities to purchase additional land can present a once in a lifetime opportunity and can potentially transform your farm business. Land purchase opportunities can present unexpectedly and at times in your farm development cycle that are less than ideal from your point of view. You can be required to make quick decisions and in turn need quick decisions from your Bank. In these situations Farm Finance Solutions provides a dedicated service to you to ensure your loan application is processed in a timely manner. We will prepare a detailed business plan which will optimise the prospects of a favourable decision. This business plan will be based on an optimum debt structure and may propose a restructure of existing debt if required and will also include cashflow projections detailing the additional income generated by lands being purchased.


Where major farm expansion or land purchase is planned we can do an initial feasibility study to quantify the benefits for your farm business and assess the prospects for obtaining funding. If you decide to proceed with the project we can then complete a detailed Farm Business Plan to secure the necessary funding.


Farm Finance Solutions provides a range of training services to farmers which can be accessed directly or in conjunction with your existing accountant or agricultural advisor. Tom holds a H.Dip in Education (U.C.D) and has completed a train the trainer course which focuses specifically on adult education. Training courses are focused on improving practical financial management and planning skills and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each group by a process of prior consultation. .


Farm Finance Solutions provides a dedicated service to accountants in situations where detailed farm reports are required to support loan applications. We will conduct farm visits and provide the necessary agricultural input to support the financial projections required when seeking funding for larger farm projects.


Farm Finance Solutions provides a dedicated service to auctioneers in situations where potential buyers need a fast loan decision to meet an auction deadline. We will work closely with your client and their professional advisors to prepare a detailed funding application to tight deadlines.


Your Credit Bureau Report can be ordered on line . FFS can help you with this process and can review the report(s) with you to ensure that it is fully accurate. The reports show your repayment record for most forms of borrowing over the last five years and if you have had any problems in that period it is best to address them prior to seeking any new funding.


Farm Finance Solutions drafts farm and agri business reports to meet once off requirements to a specification and format agreed with you. We have extensive report writing experience and are well practised in preparing reports to exacting standards and tight deadlines.